The (wo)Man With a Plan

My apologies for not writing daily, which was my original intention.  We’ve been busy cleaning this house and yard and helping my roommate find a job.  After a LOT of discussion, we’ve found a possible reason as to why she can’t keep one…and why it’s not her fault.  Before 2012, she had a career job for almost ten years. Between then and now, she’s had eight jobs that were hard to keep, and she has always blamed herself until I pointed out with GlassDoor that her reasons for leaving were the same as many other people — and the places she picked had very high turnover rates.

With that in mind, she wrote down things she enjoyed about her past eight jobs and we looked at places that had similar interests or activities with low turnover.  She found one and starts tomorrow.  The pay is significantly higher than the ones she held previously.  I’m not making fun of low wage jobs, but when you were previously making more than $20 an hour, and you try jobs that are at the minimum wage range, you’re not going to stick around. There is very little respect shared at these places, nobody cares or has a reason to, and as soon as employees find something better, they usually fly. This job isn’t paying her a Jackson an hour, but it’s an average of four bucks an hour more than her previous places.  Her favorite room in the house matches her work area, too.  I AM SO EXCITED for her. Plus there is a possibility of free food.  FREE FOOD.  Hey, I can dream, right?

To spice things up and offer more motivation, I’ve offered to be her gym buddy — I’ll buy a membership to any gym she wants to go to, as long as she buys her own membership.  I’m already in great shape.  Because of our walking, she’s starting to make a come back, as well.  I believe she said she’s lost five pounds in the last week because of it.

And I’m going to let her buy the groceries, since she has so much cooking experience, haha.    I also saved her datapad and omnitool from hock hell.  She insisted I didn’t bail them out completely, so I compromised and bought her another month before she has to get them out.

We’re also talking about building a new computer, but let’s get some checks in, first.

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