The First Full Day

So…it’s 2am.  I am a little in awe of myself — when I’m not on missions, I like to run a tight ship, but I think I’ve earned some relaxation.  So has my gracious host.  But today has not gone without a bit of progress.  I am going to share pictures, as well, to show what we are tackling as well as what we’ve accomplished.

We ended up staying up until around 3am drinking hot tea talking — she has several tea options (right up my alley, by the way — she even had my favorite Asari Raspberry/Sage/untranslatable High Thessian word for what looks and smells like honey tea).  It was the extended-introductory “how are you, who are you,” et cetera, only in more detail.  She’s a smoker — big frown for me, but I think I may have stymied that with a little encouragement.

Like I wrote yesterday, her house is very evident that it is home to a depressed individual, but much to my happiness, she keeps fresh sheets on her bed and both bathrooms spotless.  Her couch was perfect for my 5’5″ frame, and she had plenty of extra comforters, throws, pillows, and sheets for me to choose from.

This morning, around 11:30am to be exact, I cautiously entered the kitchen (which is a mess), but discovered her microwave is impeccably clean.  I started noticing a trend.  What she uses, she keeps completely clean.  What she doesn’t use becomes a host to things she’s lost control over.  Thus, the home is a path of spotless that has a treeline of debris and discarded opportunities (what she refers to as failures — I refuse to use that word).

I took the easy route to breakfast, making us oatmeal while she brewed coffee.  I had a few packs of apple cider powder and cinnamon in my extended meal kit, so I flavored the oatmeal with that.  We ate in her office, the one place that seems to defy her trend of keeping things clean, but her desk is expansive enough to hold a 32″ monitor, two cups of coffee, and two bowls of oatmeal, with plenty of elbow room to spare.  We read the news, together, which was mostly about the continued relief efforts here in Earth, and recovery elsewhere.  I got a message from Jeff, who was just checking in.  I  told him a little about my new friend, but I kept the majority out of the reply.  He doesn’t need to know.

I took note of her laundry, which we only had one load to do, and noticed something going on there, as well.  I’m not saying she dresses poorly, but there is evidence that she once had a fit figure, and now people are “gifting” her extremely feminine clothes.  Her depression has kept her out of a job for so long, and the obvious anhedonia that comes with that has garnered her a 120 pound surplus, physically.  The fact that whoever gives her these things most likely knows she completely dismisses feminine things makes me wonder:  were they just being nice, or was this a subliminal attempt to get her to wear girly things? My gut instinct says the latter.

I was impressed, however, with how excited she was to go for a walk around the park with me, this afternoon.  While we were out, I offered to exchange Omnitool information with her, so we could keep in contact when we’re displaced, and she admitted that both that and her datapad are in hawk somewhere in town.  She’ll lose the datapad on the 8th, and the Omnitool on the 15th, so I have to figure out if I’m going to help her with that, or if I’m going to help her earn it.  I’m hoping for the latter, but I won’t let them go if I see an effort.

While on our second lap around the park, which we weren’t jogging, just strolling, I caught evidence of a strip mall in the distance, and we headed that direction.  While there, I brought up how her guest bathroom is bare as can be.  She explained that she never had money to spruce it up.  I mean, there is NOTHING in this bathroom.  Except there is a gold mine of personal grooming products in the drawers, but that doesn’t count.  She didn’t even have a shower curtain!  So…at the off-price store, we got some towels and a sheer for a curtain.  I told her “I hereby declare this bathroom as my personal bathroom,” to which she completely agreed to let me use it.

I HAVE MY OWN BATHROOM!!! With a shower that I can almost lay flat in!  But you should see her shower!  It’s like a sit-down ancient Greek bath thing!  Well…or a Salarian spa shower.  Whatever — it is amazing!  And…we’re going to tackle hers in the future — it has no color whatsoever.

Here is a small idea of what we are dealing with, as her house goes:

Like I said, that couch looks very small, but it’s big enough for me to sleep on comfortably.  The living room is huge.  Her dining room looked bad, too.  The kitchen was a depressed mess, and it was just mind boggling how anyone could handle the clutter.  The irony of it all is that she desires order, but chaos has obviously taken over — I’m going to guess, again, that maybe a lack of love or human interaction has something to do with it also.  Note the cat sitting in front of the glass door.

We got home from the walk and the quick shopping trip, and I almost freaked her out when I opened the windows and the doors.  The place is in desperate need of light and fresh air, and I’ll be honest — she needs it, too.  But after a few minutes, she began to enjoy it.  It made me smile.

We started deep cleaning in the kitchen, and by that, I mean we organized her cabinets.  She had spices in her dish cabinet, dishes in her spice cabinet, and her refrigerator is saved for another day — I wouldn’t store anything in there, right now.  Well, maybe bottled water.  Her eating habits are ramen, alcohol, and way too much soda.  Granted, she is without income, but that’s ridiculous.  I encouraged her to drink water, instead, and I don’t know if it was me saying it, or if she was being amiable, but she drank water all day.

We ended up going on another trip, but this time we drove.  We went to the supplement shop and she picked out what she wanted to get (we’re sharing).  We got a multi-vitamin, a sleep aid, a focus/calm pill pack, protein, and nicotine gum to help her stop smoking.  Today, she didn’t smoke at all, and I like to think that maybe  the nicotine gum I bought her helps, because she was feeling super anxious by the time we got home from our trip.

For dinner, I found some rice, beans, and corn meal in her cabinet, and I also uncovered a rustic “crock pot” dutch oven thing.  I saved the rice for a later date, and started the pot of red beans.  No butter, milk, or oil in the house, so I hoped her “non stick” iron skillet would hold true to its word — it did.  While I cooked, she cleaned the dining room to an impeccable lemon-scented glow, and set the table.  We sat down and served ourselves, and I said “get up, let me take a picture!”  So I did…

I have to admit, the cornbread came out great, despite having no milk or butter.  It reminded me of camping cornbread, cooked over a flame.  We really enjoyed dinner, and afterward, cleaned up our mess (I have to get her into this routine), made coffee, and played Galaxy of Fantasy all night.

I love that game, Galaxy of Fantasy.  We did co-operational all night with different characters,  her from her desktop and I with my Omnitool, and there was a guy named ReegarMaster who doesn’t know how to actually use the Reegar Combine.  Ugh, he can probably use it in real life, but in the game, he…he sucks.  I taught her how to run during the retrieval missions (it’s not that hard, but it does take practice), and we were hammering out gold missions as a pair in no time. She’s like me — loves to use the sniper rifle.  We’d stake out in flank across from each other and snipe the enemies one by one.  She died more than I did, though.

We ended up looking at her wardrobe, which we’re going through together, and ended up in a fit of laughter on her bed, and it looks like I’m staying here for the night.  I must have fallen asleep, and she covered up on her own.  I don’t think there’ll be a problem, we’re already getting along quite well, and neither of us mind getting in each other’s personal space.  Glad the keypad on my Omnitool has a silent mode.  Good night, everyone.   Sleep well.

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